Five keys to a bountiful harvest
    1. Understanding and mastering the development landscape
    • What is non-profit development
      + Defining your organization’s needs and knowing your role
    • How do you draft a development plan and why it is essential
      + Setting S.M.A.R.T. Goals (Specific, Measurable, Aligned, Realistic, Timely)
    • How do you get the maximum ROI
      + Utilizing best practices in donor cultivation, research, time management and the back office
    2. Maintaining and growing your donor base
    • Why do donors give
      + Knowing and understanding the specific needs and desires of your donor base
    • How do your donors prefer to give
      + Developing campaigns, special events and giving menus tailored to your organization’s needs
    • What encourages sustained giving
      + Building relationships, cultivation and stewardship
    • How do you ask for donations
      + Learning and perfecting the art of the “ask”
    3. Ensuring a strong, supportive environment
    • How do you prepare leadership to support fundraising and development
      + Helping CEOs and Executive Directors communicate effectively with donors and prospects
    • How do you enable all staff to expand the giving network
      + Providing leadership, resources and information so that all staff can be “development emissaries”
    • How do you effectively utilize your Board of Directors
      + Board building, cultivation and accountability
    4. Going to market
    • Who are you
      + Understanding what “Brand” means and defining and using yours
    • How do you tell your story effectively
      + Narratives, taglines and quick pitches
    • What is your communications plan
      + Defining your organization’s needs and evaluating your current tools
    5. Preparing the terrain for future yields
    • What is the long-term vision for your organization
      + Understanding how growth goals affect development goals
    • How do you create a strategic development plan
      + Conducting honest assessments of needs, opportunities and limitations
    • How do you implement a strategic development plan
      + Building consensus and creating organizational buy-in
    • How can you tell if the strategy is working
      + Auditing your progress and using tools for on-going assessment